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Apply to work with me in my exclusive and signature Forever Curls Coaching Program!


I’ve been asked hundreds of times per day how to have gorgeous curls that you not only love, but are able to predict, understand, and absolutely ROCK. Well.. Your perfect curly hair routine awaits.

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Are absolutely sick of your curls changing each time you get out of the shower.

Can't seem tame your unruly frizz, no matter how hard you try.

Feel like you're forever in hair purgatory, and bounce from straight to wavy to curly each day.

Constantly feel the need to straighten or chemically alter your curls to feel stunning.

Feel like you have tried everything, and are confused with all of the contradicting information.

Want to save major $$$ and time by stopping the endless cycle of product testing.

Are craving a completely customized, no B.S routine to transform your hair for life.



Be able to predict and alter your hair each day to look exactly how you want.


Rock defined, frizz free curls that have people literally stopping you in the street.


Want to bring out the juicy curls that you once had when you were a kid.


Stop spending hundreds of dollars on expensive chemical treatments and go all natural.


Want factual information and how it pertains to YOUR HAIR specifically.


Want an exact routine with step-by-step instructions and your perfect products.

....And are craving a complete and total hair transformation.

I developed an exclusive one-to-one coaching program that will turn you into your own hair guru.

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I can tell you with complete certainty that with my Forever Curls Coaching Program that all of this is possible- and so much more.  I successfully used this precise framework to not only completely alter my own hair, but the unique hair of hundreds of women all around the world.

You bring the hair, I’ll bring the transformation.

It’s time to stop making excuses for your hair and step into complete knowledge. And it all starts here.


Amazing curls for life. Yes, seriously. For life.

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We will meet bi-weekly for 20 weeks, 10 sessions in total. Each week, we go over a different subject in-depth such as How to Read Ingredient Bottles, Your Protein / Moisture Balance, Your Hair Analysis, and much more! We even have a technique review session where I will sit with you on Zoom while you do your hair! Plus, Barbara will help you troubleshoot problems as they arise. Each week you will be given “homework” to work on until our next session. This may be a new technique to try, a new product to use, etc!

(With detailed, no brainer instructions!) This doc is going to be your hair Bible! It is completely customized to your hair’s needs and goals. It includes links to exact products to buy, and step-by-step instructions on how to wash, condition, style, dry, refresh, sleep, and exercise! No two Hair Handbooks are the same, Barbara personalizes it to you exactly.

Voxer is a free app we will communicate on during your program. This app allows us to message each other using voice notes and photos so you can lean on me throughout the entire program.

You have access to me during the process AND for two months after! That is six whole months of access.

ALL of your products and accessories will be handpicked and delivered to your door! This will also include a copy and print out of your hair handbook.

This way, even years after our sessions end… you have the ability to stay connected, ask questions, and learn from me live on Zoom!

Click here for more information on Club CurlVitality.

Okay, yes. I need this in my life!

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"Is curl coaching for me?"

So let's get this straight. Curl Coaching IS for...

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Ready to have show-stopping curls?

PRICING & payment planS







Frequently Asked Questions

Clients usually start to see visible results in as little as two weeks from my curl coaching. It will take six months to see full results, and your hair will get increasingly better thorough the course of your life!

I am USA based, but I have clients in Canada, China, Australia, England, France, etc. 

So yes, I work with clients all around the world. This does add a fun challenge for me as products can be harder to find but I do not charge any more and I love discovering new brands.

I always take my client’s lifestyle into full consideration when conducting their routine. You’re never going to stick with something that doesn’t work for YOU!

Honestly, YES! By following my instructions exactly, you are providing your hair with a balanced “diet”. It’s the same thing as hiring a personal trainer… if you do everything they say, the results are guaranteed.

I offer two different payment plans for the Forever Curls Program.

A. One payment of $5,500.00

B. Two payments of $2,925.00.

Upon signing up, we will schedule an onboarding call with you! On this call, we will over the programs, answer any questions, and collect a $1,000.00 deposit to hold your spot. The deposit will be deducted from your payment. 

If doing the one-time payment of $5,500.00, the remaining $4,500 will be due one week prior to our sessions beginning. 

If doing the two-payments of $2,925.00, one payment of $2,425.00 will be collected one week prior to our sessions beginning. The remaining $2,425.00 will be due halfway through our sessions.

Before we start any program, you’ll get sent a 40 question questionnaire that contains a series of questions needed to properly help you. I will also analyze your hair based on photos and videos that you provide. It works everytime!

Yes! All of your products are included with this program! They will be shipped to your home prior to the beginning of our sessions!

I recommend products based on YOUR lifestyle, budget, and hair type. Before I choose the products, I ask you your product budget to make sure it’s something you can keep up with long term. Good products come in all price points!

I work with people of all age ranges! From young children, to high school age, working gals, and elderly adults. Great hair is for everyone.

I usually take between 8-12 Forever Curls clients at once. I keep the number intimate so you can get the best attention from me.

I love curly hair method and curly girl method and I incorporate many of the rules into your routine. However, having done my own research… my curl coaching takes the best parts of each method to give you the best and fastest results!

Yes, but it’s going to take a lot longer and you’re going to spend a lot of money testing which products work for your hair as well as wasted time researching everything. I take all of the guess work out to get you waaaay faster results, saving you time and money! It’s like a personal trainer for your hair!

A coach is like a cheat code!