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CurlVitality Presents:

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Steal the Strategy I Use to Conduct Consistent Curly/Wavy Wash Days
every time.

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In this FREE workshop, you’ll learn how to build out a “Wash Schedule” that works perfectly for your unique hair’s needs, and how to use those frustrating hair symptoms (like frizz) to your advantage.

You’ll finish knowing exactly how to plot out a perfectly predictable hair day, with total ease.

I went from having zero idea how my hair would dry, to perfectly predictable wash days.

& I want to show you how!

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The secret behind my consistent curl results.

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My exact recipe I use to conduct my own wash days.

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Various signs that your hair will give you, and how to react.

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How to conduct my infamous “Wash Schedule”.

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How often and when to wash.

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What to do in between washes to preserve and protect your curls.

"I don't know how you packed SO much good stuff into this masterclass but you did it! I hope you take a minute to reflect on how much you've been able to help so many people. Thank you so much for doing this free masterclass!"

"You're doing the Lord's work!!! Thank you for the information!! Really enjoyed learning so much during this masterclass!"

"Oh my GOSHHHH!!! This is so amazing THANK YOUR SO MUCH I loved watching this. This masterclass is so so so helpful omg you are incredible thank you so much!!"


At just 26-years-old Barbara Kurmlavage founded CurlVitality while, you guessed it, was in the middle of washing her hair.

Thousands of dollars in Keratin treatments later, Barbara knew there had to be another way.

So, she gave her hair a “no excuses” policy and started self-learning everything one needs to know (and even what one doesn’t need to know) about hair health and the science behind how products and techniques can effect your hair.

The process wasn’t easy, years and money were wasted through trial & error, but eventually… she cracked the code. 

After totally mastering her own hair, Barbara began helping friends and family transform their hair too!


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