Monthly product suggestions for your ever changing curls!

So here’s the thing-

The only way to have consistent curl results is by slightly altering your routine each wash day based on your hair’s needs that day.

I dubbed this Intuitive Hair Styling.

Product Guide Monthly is now your monthly resource for all of my new favorite products, laid out with a key for your unique curl’s needs.

I try so many new products each month, and I want you to be included in the fun!

Here’s to consistently beautiful hair.


All for just $4.99 a month!


At just 26-years-old Barbara Kurmlavage founded CurlVitality while, you guessed it, was in the middle of washing her hair.

Thousands of dollars in Keratin treatments later, Barbara knew there had to be another way.

So, she gave her hair a “no excuses” policy and started self-learning everything one needs to know (and even what one doesn’t need to know) about hair health and the science behind how products and techniques can effect your hair.

The process wasn’t easy, years and money were wasted through trial & error, but eventually… she cracked the code. 

After totally mastering her own hair, Barbara began helping friends and family transform their hair too!