Curls, Get Ready!

Your wash day just got a whole lot easier.

Raise your hand if you have ever felt frustrated while trying to follow a hair tutorial video.

Between the wet hands, zippy transitions, and all the blanks you have to fill in yourself- they can make curly hair feel like even more work than it already can be.

This is where the Declassified Style Guide comes in. All the results, and none of the guesswork!

I put together the best curly / wavy hair styling routines that exist and laid them out as a step by step, 1 2 3, process.

Each routine comes with a key, so you’ll know exactly how much volume and definition YOU will get. Plus, you will know the difficulty level and time it will take you before you even start!

Now you can actually read, step-by-step, how to style your unique hair.

The Ultimate Style Guide Includes:

(Note: This guide is not for pixie haircuts and is recommended for chin length curls/waves and longer)

All for $32!

“Beginning your curl journey can feel very daunting but having a concise guide right in front of me saved so much time and stress."

- Mary

"For me having a laid out step-by-step guide was super helpful because in something that I’m learning about and know nothing in I definitely need a step-by-step guide!"

- Carly

"It really takes the guesswork out of my wash days and was really helpful to refer back to for the right techniques to give me my best curls."

- Margaret