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Virtual Curl School is THE online program for those who are ready to level up the health and vitality of their curls or waves- for life. You will walk away with extensive hair knowledge, my signature Intuitive Curl Care™ blueprint, that is proven to transform the look of your unique hair, and so much more!

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Transform your hair, transform your life.

I work with clients every single day to support them in understanding the in’s-and-out’s of their curls.

And the truth is, I felt frustrated. Because there’s only so many clients I can help at one time and I deeply desire to help so many frustrated curly haired women to have the life-changing power that comes with a curl education.

So, I created a solution! I have poured all the tools, teachings, tips and tricks that I share with my 1:1 clients and put them into one place….Virtual Curl School! You can now access my signature 10-Week framework and learn the in’s-and-out’s of my Intuitive Curl Care blueprint for a fraction of the cost of working with me 1:1- while still receiving all the fabulous results!

Psst- There are ways to work one-to-one with me, very affordably, through VCS enrollment. Head to the FAQ section at the bottom of this page for information.


Great question. Let's go over the 7 types of gals who would be an absolute perfect fit:

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If you are…

-Constantly frustrated with your hair drying differently each time you wash it

-Tired of your wash days being filled with so much stress

-Ready to predict how your hair is going to look so you can actually start to enjoy wearing it curly 

…then Virtual Curl School is your saving grace!

Psst- I developed a trademarked framework, Intuitive Curl Care, to address this exact issue. It’s my specialty 😉

Maybe you’ve received one too many “your hair looks better straightened” comments, or you look at yourself in photos and wonder who that person is with a triangle for a haircut, or you feel like you just can’t pull off your curly hair because it doesn’t feel like “you”. Virtual Curl School will get you to a place where you won’t even WANT to pick up the straightener anymore. Healthy hair is good hair, and that’s exactly what you’ll be getting.

Your straightener has become your ride or die and your ends are so dry that you could sweep the floor with them. You know there are curls in there SOMEWHERE, but they are hidden beneath the bleach, chemical treatments, and knots. Virtual Curl School is here for you as you’re finally ready to unleash the beast and learn how to easily care for it!

You have watched countless TikToks, fallen into the YouTube black hole and have bought every product under the sun. Yet, you still seem to have super stubborn hair! No matter what you have tried, your hair seems to be working against you and not FOR you. Good news! Virtual Curl School has a proven 10-week process made for people just like you!
I used to scream to myself in the mirror “I SWEAR, I WOULD PAY SOMEONE TO JUST TELL ME WHAT TO DO TO MY HAIR.” If this is you, and you’re about ready to rip your hair out (or worse, go get another Keratin treatment), Virtual Curl School is definitely for you.

You can’t quite tell if your hair is curly, straight, wavy, or just ANYTHING. You have photos of you as a kid with perfect ringlets, but have no idea how to find them again! Maybe you’re thinking “are my curls just gone forever?” (Spoiler alert: they’re not!). Virtual Curl School will take the guesswork out of getting your hair back to the healthy crown you’ve been dreaming of! 

Do you have baby curls by your ear or neck? This is usually a sign that you could have curly hair, making Virtual Curl School perfect for you to understand your hair and its unique needs. If you are still unsure if you have curly hair, take this fun quiz to find out!

Who is Virtual Curl School NOT for?


Cue the classic early 2000s movie make-over scene... you're about to transform into a whole new you!

Here's exactly what you will achieve within Virtual Curl School:


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Hey! I’m Barbara.  I am the founder of CurlVitality, a virtual curly hair coaching service. And I have made it my mission to support you in having the hair of your dreams and feeling more confident than ever with every hair toss!

I am an expert at transforming so many types of curls: from soft 2A waves to stellar 4A locks, I have truly seen it all. I know what it takes to go from completely clueless to totally owning your curls. 

And most importantly, I know first hand what a nightmare it can be to have curly hair. Between the bad haircuts, the conflicting information, the complicated routines, and not to mention the fact that society loves to tell us we’re not as beautiful as our straight hair sisters, we often feel totally sh*t outta luck! 

That’s the reason I decided to create this business. I was always one bad wash day away from spending $600 on another Keratin treatment, which was totally KILLING my hair!

Having curly hair can be complicated, confusing, and well… frizzy. Curls can look incredible one day and be a complete train wreck the next day, even though you’re using the exact same products!

Don’t worry though, I have the answers.

Nobody has “bad hair”. I promise, nobody. Curly hair is unique and is totttttally all the rave these days and can make you feel like a total super star if it’s done correctly. 

I made Virtual Curl School to be a complete no-brainer solution and suuuuuper easy to follow, whether you’re new to the curl health thing or a seasoned vet!

I’m going to help you get head-turning curls through easy-to-understand techniques, education, and self-empowerment.

Can't wait to see your results.

xo, Barbara


Virtual Curl School is a 10-week self study program designed to teach you literally everything you could ever want to know about your curls through super simple modules, fun worksheets and transformational how-to videos.

It is made to support you with your specific hair needs so that you can comfortably predict what it needs, day by day and week by week. Say goodbye to feeling out of control and hello to consistently great hair days.

I am going to take ALL of the guesswork out of head-turning curls so that you are proud of the natural hair you were gifted.


ORIENTATION + prep for success

I will walk you through what to expect during VCS. We will set goals, find our hair twin and gain clarity on exactly what you're supposed to be doing to prep your hair for the journey ahead.

You will learn the five major steps you should accomplish throughout week so you can start this journey on the right foot!


Hair Analysis + Pick your products

I will show you how to figure out the 5 attributes that make your hair unique, and teach you why they are important (or sometimes, not important). We will test for you curl pattern, density, porosity, elasticity, and thickness.

We will then take that information to pick out your perfect products based on your exact hair's needs and budget! This module is your life line.


Curl health 101

This module will pay tribute to the Curly Girl Method and will take ALL of the confusion out of the conflicting information on "good" ingredients, "bad" ingredients, and everything in-between.

We will dive deep into clean beauty facts and learn the basics of how exactly we're supposed to care for our curls.



News flash: Washing is the most important part of your routine and 99% of people are doing it completely incorrectly. This module will totally make you look at shampooing in a whole different way and give you the HOW / WHY behind it all.

We will also discuss solutions for common scalp issues such as dandruff, itchy scalp, psoriasis and more!


manipulating your curls

Part of the fun of having amazing curls is that you can manipulate them to be wavier, curlier, more voluminous, more defined, etc. Not only are we going to be able to achieve consistent curls, but we will be able to change them to our liking!

This module will teach you DOZENS of styling techniques and routines from wet to dry with easy-to-follow video tutorials the whole way through.


deep treatments

Deep treatments is our hair's version of a skin care routine. Without them, you won't get very far.

This module will cover protein treatments, moisture treatments, Olaplex, and everything in-between!

Your hair will thank you for this one.


Intuitive curl care™

You will never have to wait for your hair to dry to know how it is going to turn out again.

This module is the bread and butter of my curl client's success. It will teach you how to predict and conquer wash days simply by listening to your hair's needs!

We will also cover common errors with dozens of solutions to trouble shoot your hair on wash days and days in-between!


Protein + Moisture Balance

This is digital gold. The moment I actually understood protein / moisture balance was when my hair results sky rocketed.

This module breaks down the importance of balanced hair, explain protein and moisture in a proven and impactful way, and leaves you with a whole new understanding of what having amazing hair is.



You will forever know how to look at product bottles and actually know what the heck they will do for YOU.

No more sitting in CVS completely clueless or blindly listening to your hair stylist. You will now walk into any hair care store and find exactly what you need.

This module is a personal favorite and so impactful.


refreshing + working out

By now, you'll know how to do your hair on wash days... but what about non-wash days?!

This module will teach you tens of different ways to refresh your hair and how to work out and swim while preserving your curls!



frequently asked questions

Upon purchasing Virtual Curl School, you will be asked if you want to add on one-to-one support for an additional $1,200.00.

This is the least expensive way to get personalized help from me throughout your Virtual Curl School Studies. 

VCS One-to-One Support Includes:

  • A completely customized curl handbook, in which I will create your hair analysis (based on a detailed questionnaire filled out by you), customize your exact hair routine and set you on the right path to achieve your hair goals.
  • Two one-to-one Zoom styling sessions with me – I will sit with you while you style your wet hair to make sure you are doing everything perfectly. I am telling you, this is game-changing.
  • Complimentary Monday-Friday access to me via email  to ask me any and all questions you may have about your curl journey. Trust me, you will never feel alone!

You will need about 1-2 hours per week (for 10 weeks) to complete Virtual Curl School. 

We host live Q&A group calls on Zoom for VCS students to ask their personal hair questions. Most questions get answered on these calls, we have never had anyone thus far who was not called on in a session they attend.

Also included with every Virtual Curl School enrollment is access to Club CurlVitality, our Facebook community to ask questions there.

Additionally, we do offer a one-to-one add on to your Virtual Curl School enrollment, learn more under the FAQ entitled “Optional One-to-One Support”.

Yup! VCS is set up as a “choose your own adventure” program. So it doesn’t matter what your hair looks like.. I will teach you everything!

Virtual Curl School works best for USA, Australia, Canada, and UK as the products recommended are available only in those areas. Besides that, anyone in any country could enroll but they would need to find their own products.

VCS is completely self-taught, unless you add on optional one-to-one sessions available at checkout. The Forever Curls Coaching program is Barbara’s signature 1:1 program where Barbara teaches you everything live on Zoom. Basically, one has more direct Barbara support than the other.

Most likely you will have to buy about 8 new products. Within VCS, I walk you through exactly how to choose products based on your own hair’s needs. The products I suggest are available in USA, Canada, Australia, and UK. They come in low, medium, and high price points.