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The CurlVitality Story

CurlVitality is the premier curl coaching and education company for the every day curly girl who knows their hair is capable of so much more than they’re currently seeing in the mirror.


CurlVitality has become a complete online hub for all things curly hair... setting you up for the


curls of your dreams.


Wondering how we are able to transform hair so quickly and so successfully?!

CurlVitality believes that all human beings have amazing hair. But often times, hair (specifically textured hair) will not naturally product the proper nutrients needed for luscious locks resulting in frizzy and unmanageable curls.

Textured hair is specifically at a nutrient deficit due to its finicky needs of both moisture and protein and due the fact that it needs more naturally produced oils than straight hair does to truly live it’s best life.

CurlVitality only uses the resources of natural hair products and methods and we pride ourselves on sustainable and healthy hair practices only.

We mix scientific knowledge with natural ingredients to bring you hair that will not only look incredible now… but will get better and better with age. Truly the gift that keeps on giving!

Unlike other hair treatments such as Brazilian Blowouts, Keratin Treatments, and Relaxers, our practices work with your curly hair instead of against it. Resulting in defined, elastic, and bouncy curls.

Our practices are designed to give you fantastic, consistent hair for the rest of your life.




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I was always one bad wash day away from just giving up on my hair


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her story

At just 26-years-old Barbara Kurmlavage founded CurlVitality while, you guessed it, was in the middle of washing her hair.

Barbara moved to Los Angeles right after High School to pursue a career in acting.  She trained at Stella Adler’s Art of Acting Studio as well as The Groundlings Imrpov School. She had been cast in many films, commercials, and musicals all around the world.

Because of the spotlight, Barbara always felt like she needed to straighten her hair to be accepted in Hollywood as a young artist. She even had casting directors tell her that she “will never work a day with that curly hair”.

Thousands of dollars in Keratin treatments later, Barbara knew there had to be another way.

So, she gave her hair a “no excuses” policy and started self-learning everything one needs to know (and even what one doesn’t need to know) about hair health and the science behind how products and techniques can effect your hair.

The process wasn’t easy, years and money were wasted through trial & error, but eventually… she cracked the code. 

After totally mastering her own hair, Barbara began helping friends and family transform their hair too!

While working as the Chief Operating Officer at her father’s business, Barbara gained knowledge of how a business is ran and totally fell in love with the business side of business.

So, she had the skills to run a business and knew an awful lot about hair… thus CurlVitality was born!

Barbara believes CurlVitality is her true purpose and life-calling and has many exciting projects coming up! She can’t wait to help more and more girls all over the world learn to love their hair just like she did.

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While Barbara is not curl coaching, she enjoys yoga, meditation, journaling, reading, and playing with her Mini-Bernedoodle, Cosette and her Manx Cat, Mowgli.

"I learned to love my hair and in the process, learned to love myself."

- Barbara Kurmlavage, CurlVitality

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Barbara's Hair Analysis

Your hair statistics are the five elements that make your hair… your hair.

  • Curl Pattern – 3A Hair / 3B Hair
  • Curl Density – Medium
  • Curl Thickness – Medium/Fine
  • Hair Porosity – Low
  • Elasticity – Balanced


Both the 1:1 programs (10-week and 90-minute) will give you a full hair analysis just like this.